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Technical Help

For technical help, to report a bug or if you'd like to send us some feedback then please email us.

Help with The Game

Particle Collider is very simple to play but not so simple to master!


When particles appear simply tap and drag to pull them or swipe to send them towards a particle of the same colour

You must not allow particles to collide if their colours are different. Potentially fatal collisions are highlighted and a warning sounds to let you know that trouble is near!


To help you in your task you can make use of a number of lifelines. These require energy to activate. Energy accrues over time and is shown together with the available lifelines on a bar at the top of the screen.

To activate a lifeline press the lifeline button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. The game will be suspended while you make your choice.


You can increase your energy more quickly by collecting energy packets. Simply double-tap to collect.

Colliding energy packets will combine them into a single packet with much higher energy content. Each dot represents a single lifeline's worth of energy on the energy bar.


Particles are guided using an energy beam. A side effect of using this beam is that it adds a charge to the particle which acts as a shield, preventing fatal collisions from occuring.

The longer you hold a particle the more charge is retained on release and therefore the more time the shield will remain in place before draining away

Image of Large Hadron Collider © CERN